When people suffer strokes, it can severely limit their mobility and ability to communicate and care for themselves. Home care services Western Sydney residents can trust were never more important when Edith, one of our 71-year-old clients had a stroke. Afterwards, hospital personnel told her and her family that the stroke was too serious. She would never walk again and should be admitted to a care facility.

However, all she wanted to do was to go home, and her family agreed and supported her. They applied for a Home Care Package and received Level 4 services. 365 Care began providing help to her and her family so she could return home safely.

In addition to helping with modifications to her home so she could be safe she also received help with her rehabilitation. Carers also provided in home care as well as assistance with shopping and providing social contact.

Told she would never walk again following a serious stroke, she is now using a walking frame, and living in her own home. While she still requires supportive care, she is able to continue to live at home. If she had been admitted to a facility, chances are that her prognosis would have come true: she would never have walked again.

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