Do you have a client that needs specific types of carers?

Some clients have more complex needs than others and matching them with the right carer can be challenging.

Lisa was one such client.

Lisa was living with an intellectual disability, borderline personality disorder, challenging behaviours leading to self-harming, and short-sighted glaucoma.

Lisa decided to move from the country to the big smoke, but Sydney can be a scary place to move to on your own.

What did Lisa need?

Lisa needed social support to integrate into her community. Her needs were complex, so it was crucial to find her carers who had the right amount of experience to help manage her disabilities and find her feet in Sydney.

How we helped Lisa

  • We carefully matched her with the right support workers who had the skills and experience to deal with her challenging behaviours, self-harming and subsequent hospitalisations.
  • We got her out into the community with trips to the zoo, national parks, the movies and the Blue Mountains.

Lisa’s hospitalisations and self-harming have greatly reduced since we took on her care and we’re happy we’ve been able to help this young woman live a fuller and healthier life in Sydney.


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