Caring for your family, the same way you do...

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We are Western Sydney’s premier service provider of in-home care and companion care solutions, specialising in Aged Care and Disability Care.

We service Western Sydney areas from Parramatta, Liverpool, The Hills District and Lower Blue Mountains regions.

365 Care cares for your loved ones the same way that you do. We specialise in providing in-home, client-centred personalised care of the elderly and people with disabilities. Consider us as another family carer, helping you take care of your loved one the same way that you do while still being in the comfort of their own home.

Peace of mind

365 Care gives you peace of mind that your family member will be cared for, with the same level of compassion, respect and dignity that you show. Aged care and disability care is what we do best along with supporting you and your family.

Aged Care

Caring for Your Loved Ones 24/7

Caring for an elderly family member can be challenging. We understand that life is busy and caring for a loved one who is elderly can be a demanding job. We take pride in working closely with you to identify the needs of each family and individual. In consultation, we tailor our services to suit your unique requirements.

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Disability Care

Start Your NDIS Journey with Us

Caring for a family member with disability can be a challenging job and have a significant impact on family life. As a committed NDIS provider you can start your NDIS journey with us. If you have a loved one with a disability aged 18+ we can arrange support care that is delivered when and how you need it.

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365 Care Benefits

Personalised In-Home Care

365 Care provides specialised in-home care 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We are here for you, delivering our personalised care solutions with fully trained and professional caregivers. We focus on caring for your loved ones the same way that you would. With respect and dignity.

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Our Care Plans Include but are Not Limited to:

In-home Care

In-home care is about being able to stay in the comfort of your own home safely and for as long as possible. We offer support services to help you do this such as assistance with showering, toileting, dressing, personal grooming including shaving, hair and makeup.

Meal Preparation

Meal preparation services mean that you can have your meals prepared how you like them and when you need them. We can prepare meals in your own kitchen with or without your assistance. Alternatively, we can deliver fully prepared meals on a regular basis.

Transportation & Mobility

Getting around can sometimes be challenging, so we are there to help. Whether it be taking you to appointments or shopping or assisting moving around your own home, we are there to help.

Medication Management

An important part of being able to stay at home is taking your medication at the tight time in the corrects doses. We can assist with this, by being there when you need help.

Respite care for the Family

Caring for someone is a special thing and you need to look after yourself as well. Respite is designed to give you a break - as little or as much as you need. Our Carers are part of your extended family, so you can have peace of mind while taking your break.


Sometimes all that is needed is for someone to come in and have a chat and a coffee, play cards, listen to music, go for a walk or go to the movies. It’s always nicer to do this with a trusted friend.

Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care

Memory loss, confusions and a lack of support networks can make it difficult for someone with dementia to stay in their own home. With the right home supports from our skilled carers, it becomes easier for people to stay in their own home in familiar surroundings.

General Household Chores

Things like washing, changing bed sheets or cleaning bathrooms and kitchens become more difficult as we age. Our carers can assist with these duties so you can maintain your independence and quality of life in your own home.

Transition Services

Going to hospital and coming home again can be challenging, especially for someone alone. We can assist by picking you up, bringing you home, settling you back again and checking daily. We can ensure you house is clean; the fridge is full and your prescriptions are filled..

Assistance with Government Systems

Dealing with Government websites and systems are confusing for many people. Whether it be My Aged Care, Centrelink or NDIS we can help you navigate the sites, complete and submit the paperwork or make the phone enquiries. We will guide you step by step.

Concierge Support

We work with many industry partners and have access to lots of information. Can’t find an Allied Health provider to come to your home? A Solicitor for legal work? A Financial Advisor whom you can trust? We can refer tried and proven providers from our support network.

Home and House Care

Pottering in the garden or having a pet is both relaxing and healthy. But, what happens when you go away? Don’t want to impose on family or friends? Whether, watering your garden and pots or feeding and caring for your pets, we can help with our home services.