Getting Started with MAC

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Learn how to access government support for home care for older Australians

Getting Started with MAC
What is MAC?
My Aged Care is the Australian Government’s portal to get access to government-funded aged care services. You can apply through MAC to get government support.
Am I eligible?

This depends on your individual situation. You would need to complete an assessment online or over the phone, and then go to a face-to-face interview to determine your eligibility.

You may be eligible for government-funded aged care if:

  • You’ve noticed a change in your physical abilities, or you are struggling to remember things.
  • A doctor has diagnosed you with an illness or reduced mobility.
  • There’s been a change in your family situation, and you no longer have someone to care for you.
  • You’ve had a fall or hospitalisation recently.
  • You’re 65 years or older (50 years or older for Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people).
What’s the difference between CHSP and HCP?

CHSP stands for Commonwealth Home Support Care. This is a low level of care if you just need a helping hand with your day-to-day, or things that you used to be able to do are becoming more challenging. You can still manage reasonably well on your own but need assistance in a few areas to keep living independently.

HCP stands for Home Care Package. This is a higher level of care if you are finding it more difficult to live independently in your home and need more complex care. If you are struggling to manage on your own and need assistance that is ongoing and comprehensive, this package is for you.

What type of care can I get?

Depending on the outcome of your assessment, you could be eligible for help at home (HCP), or short-term care (CHSP).

How do I apply?

Your first step is to go onto the website:

Here you can learn about the different types of care you can get and get an idea of what care level you need.

Once you’ve had a read through, you can do the assessment to see what care level you qualify for.

Alternatively, talk to us and we will walk you through the referral process. It can be a bit confusing and overwhelming, but if you’re confident that you can do it, follow the steps below.

For the initial assessment, you can either fill out the online form or do it over the phone with a representative from MAC. It will take about ten minutes.

You will need your Medicare card handy as they will ask you about your health, how you are managing currently in your own home, and about any support you are receiving.

Once the initial assessment is done, if eligible, you will go to the second assessment phase, which is an in-person assessment.

For the second assessment, you will either be assessed for CHSP or HCP.

If you need a lower level of care and are being assessed for the Commonwealth Home Support Care (CHSP), an assessor from the Regional Assessment Service (RAS) will interview you and you will find out the result at your assessment.

If you need a more complex level of care and are being assessed for the Home Care Package (HCP), an assessor from the Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) will interview you and you will find out by letter once they’ve reviewed your application.

Things you’ll need to bring to your interview

Help managing your busy life

Your Medicare card

and one other form of photo ID, e.g., DVA card, driver’s license, healthcare card or passport
Help managing your busy life

A copy of any referrals

from your doctor

Transition from hospital support after surgery

Any questions

you would like to ask the assessor

Transition from hospital support after surgery

The contact details

for your GP or other health professionals

Assistance with government systems


about any support you already receive

Getting Started with MAC

Reassessments to MAC status

If you have previously been on a CHSP but your circumstances have changed, you can get a reassessment. Just let us know and we will guide you through the process.

If you weren’t eligible in the past but your circumstances have changed, you can get reassessed to ensure you get care when you need it.


You can always check the progress of your application by logging into your My Aged Care online account through myGov or calling 1800 200 422.

Step by step guidance

Give us a call on 1300 365 248 and we’ll guide you through the process.

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