Are you struggling to find the right support for your NDIS client?

Not everyone has loved ones at home to look after them and sometimes we’re the client’s only hope of living in their own home.

That was the case with Jenny.

Jenny is a 62-year-old woman who lives with epilepsy. Jenny also has an intellectual disability, which means she has the same level of understanding as a 10-year-old child.

What this meant for Jenny, was that she’d forget to take her medication and would have seizures, landing her in hospital with injuries. She was simply not coping on her own.

What did Jenny need?

Jenny needed dedicated and consistent in-home support so she could keep up with her meds and stay out of hospital, as well as cope in her day-to-day.

How we helped Jenny

  • We provided her with three home care services a day, seven days a week, that included medication management and domestic assistance.
  • We also got her out and about in the community.

Since we took over Jenny’s care in 2019, she’s been completely seizure-free and we’re so happy we can help her to live a safer and more supported life with the knowledge that she is not alone.

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