Aged care services in Western Sydney are making the reality of staying in your own home as you get older a possibility, rather than just wishful thinking. ‘Living in place’ or ‘ageing in place’ is the new term being used to describe older people who want to remain in their own homes, instead of moving into care facilities.

Some seniors have reported experiencing bullying and pressure by family members to move into care facilities, often, thinking they know what’s best for them. However, in light of recent chilling horror stories of neglect emerging from nursing homes, it’s little wonder the demand for in-home aged care is gaining momentum.

The old adage, there’s no place like home still rings true. No one really wants to move from the family home that often holds many fond memories into a new residential care facility in their later years. Nor suffer the stresses of moving, packing boxes, sorting out what is staying and what is going to be given to charity or surrendered to kerbside clean up, to then find themselves in new surroundings, with new people and new routines. The changes are enormous and can be very overwhelming.

This doesn’t have to be a reality for many people who wish to stay in their own homes. With these helpful steps and assistance from a reputable in-home care service provider, Western Sydney seniors can take comfort that there are choices they can make when deciding on the direction for their later years.

1. Have you considered in-home care supports?

You don’t have to be bed-ridden or sick to get in-home care. If your family live interstate or your spouse has passed away, and just you need a helping hand—someone to help you shower, cook a meal or even have a cuppa and a chat—a caregiver is an affordable option. It could just be a few hours a day to help with bathing or showering, dispensing of medication, or making sure you get to your doctor’s appointment or do a bit of shopping.

If you do require care around the clock, 365 days a year and are reluctant to move, you can, with a good in-home care provider, customise a care plan to suit your needs. In-home services are designed to be flexible and give you as much assistance as you require to enable you to stay safely in your own home and to be afforded a high standard of care. Good providers not only provide reliable trustworthy carers, but, can also extend support services to you family as well, who often share the stresses of worrying about a loved one at home alone.

My Aged Care provides government funding for eligible people for in-home care services, making this option far more affordable that it once was. Everyone’s situation is different, so check your eligibility with My Aged Care as a first stop and then do some research on good reputable and well-established home care providers.

2. Have you made modifications to future-proof your home?

Make modifications to your home well before they’re needed. One common mistake that people often make, it waiting for ‘something to happen’, rather than being proactive in taking action well before it is needed. Spiral stairways, skinny hallways and narrow doorways can create obstacles, that as you get older and become less agile, are harder to navigate, especially if you are using walking aids.

One of the leading causes of injuries for older people is falls. Widening door frames, adding in ramps, stairlifts and safety rails on stairwells can make your home far more accessible and safer. Changes to bathrooms with non-slip flooring to minimise risks of accidents, improved lighting so make sure that rooms are well lit, and removing floor mats, are just some other ways to ensure you can stay in your home for longer.

A senior-friendly home will also aid in convincing your family, you’re perfectly safe to stay in your home for longer. A reputable in-home care provider will be able to assist with advising on reliable service providers to do modification works.

3. Have you embraced modern technology?

Technology has come a long way since the days of the humble gramophone and tape cassette. Nowadays, technology is helping people maintain their independence and aiding them to stay safely in their homes longer.

Smart phone technology can utilise apps linked to CCTV, home security, call out and emergency services. Voice activated technology and assistants like Google Home or Alexa give you the hands-free ability to do things like turn lights on or off, adjust door locks, or adjust the heating controls without getting out of your seat. Not to mention the ability to FaceTime family and friends instantly.

Embracing technology can make your life at home easier and will also give your family more peace of mind with your decision to grow old at home, knowing that you are accessible and able to get help promptly if needed.

So, if you want to stay at home for as long as possible, find a reputable in-home care provider who can help you make some adaptions to your home before they are needed. Good providers will be able to advise and guide you, providing the support services you might need at the various stages. Also keep in mind, that a good provider has the experience necessary to provide correct advice at the right time, the correct level of supports and will always respect your wishes if they are to ‘age in place’.

How do I find in-home care in Western Sydney?

365 Care is a leading provider for aged care in servicing from Parramatta to Liverpool and the Hills District to the lower Blue Mountains regions. We understand not everyone has the same needs and will fully customise an aged care or disability care plan to suit your requirements. We pride ourselves on providing a better quality of life for you and your family by providing dependable and affordable services.

To learn more about the care services Western Sydney families have access to, explore 365 Care’s official website or call us on 1300 365 248 to book an appointment to discuss your requirements. We are happy to answer any questions or provide you with a no-obligation free appointment.

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